Say Goodbye to Melatonin- Best Foods that Help you Sleep!

And no, it's not alcohol! ;)  Although I do not give medical advice nor am I a doctor, but I see time and time again that many Moms suggest to others with sleep problems to give themselves (and/or their children) OTC Melatonin to sleep through the night- which if pediatrician recommended can be a good solution for children with major sleep issues- but what about just introducing different foods at night before they go to sleep?  Before YOU go to sleep?  Ditch the OTC sleep aids and get a little creative tonight with dinner and get the sleep your body needs with these easy (and cost effective) snacks & dinner choices:

Food that Helps you Sleep all night
  • Turkey: Maybe one of the most obvious choices- who doesn't get SUPER TIRED after Thanksgiving dinner?  Turkey has an amino acid within it called Trytophan, which acts a natural and safe sedative.  
  • Bananas, Almonds:  Commonly used for a breakfast item, these are packed with magnesium (and potassium in bananas), which relaxes your muscles and yes, makes you more tired.
  • Sweet Potatoes: GREAT dinnertime choice for the little ones that are eating purees!  Sweet potatoes are packed with sleep-promoting complex carbohydrates and our good friend, potassium which is a natural muscle-relaxer.
  • Whole Grains: this could be a cereal, or cheese & crackers: whole grain assists in the production of serotonin, which helps you get those Zzz's.
  • Milk, Yogurt, Cheese: Like turkey, dairy products contain Trytophan as well.
  • Cherries & Chamomile tea (not pictured): Cherries actually contain melatonin, surprise!  Try cherry juice or chamomile tea,  before bed for a quick refreshment.

"Now wait, what foods are the WORST for me then?"  you might be wondering at this point.......Post coming soon! 

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