Co-Sleeper for Newborns- Heaven beside you!

I am a huge fan of co-sleeping with my newborns for the first 3 months- especially when you can't expect your new baby to go more than 3-4 hours at night without a feeding.  With a co-sleeper next to my side of the bed, I found it SO easy to feed and than ever-so-softly placing my baby back down to sleep just within arm's reach, as opposed to then stumbling in the dark back down to nursery three times a night.  With both my children, I used the aesthetically pleasing Arm's Reach Co-sleeper- safe, tested, verified, and can be converted into a bench later on down the road!  However, having C-section with both kids made the twisting turning (and almost all core movement) almost impossible at first and then: Voila!

Halo Innovations has released the "Bassinest" swivel side bassinet, which is so ideal for breastfeeding mommas and those of us that struggle with recovery after a C-section.  The Halo Bassinest also has pockets on the sides are perfect for holding wipes and diapers for middle of the night changes, and easy to move around- and it swivels 360 degrees.  It also fits into smaller spaces so this can be ideal for any living space.  I honestly almost screamed with joy when I saw that the Bassinest had a nightlight as well, SO perfect for that middle of the night feeding or diaper change, right? Although the price tag is a little higher than a stationary bassinet, I can't imagine how much easier this would have made my life in those first few months with a newborn.  Help your baby sleep through the night and make the transition easy and smoothly with the Bassinest from Halo!

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