Baby's First Christmas & Sleep Gifts: Must-Haves // The Baby Cubby


With Christmas right around the corner, it's often SO hard to decide what to get for Baby, not to mention shop WITH a baby (ugh).  I also find that the longer it's been since you've had a newborn, that products evolve and new better products are popping up all the time!  I recently found The Baby Cubby, which is now my favorite online store for all things baby & toddler, because I swear they have more styles & items in stock than anywhere else on the web- not to mention FREE SHIPPING and price matching!  Most of the products below are available now to grab in time for Christmas for any Mama that needs some sleep and some ideas for Baby's Wish List:  


LITTLE UNICORN QUILT: Shown above in "Poppy", this is our FAVORITE cotton muslin blanket in the house, because it's large enough for myself & daughter to snooze and cuddle under while we are drinking our milks & coffees while watching morning cartoons, AND completely machine washable when we spill our coffees or milks on it.  We love it so much I had to buy my toddler son a blue striped one, and it quickly became his favorite as well.  

ERGO ORGANIC CARRIER: I am obsessed with this carrier in general, and NOW they have a rose-blush color I am dying over!!! Made from Oeko-Tex certified cotton, you don't have to worry about your tiny baby breathing any harsh chemicals while you are wearing them.  Also great for letting a little one catch his or her last cat nap in while you attempt to cook dinner or clean up!


NUNA SENA PACK & PLAY:  I've had 4 pack n' plays, and this one from Nuna Sena beats out all others, even those that are more expensive.  It has a one-handed open & close feature, so you aren't struggling to put up the sides and connect pipes while your toddler is pulling at your leg.  We love to travel with ours because it folds up easily and flies for free on the plane!  BONUS: both of my kids sleep AMAZING in this pack n' play because it's not squeaky like the others!

CHIC BACKPACK DIAPER BAG:  There are a million diaper bags, but after owning over SIX of them, I know that you want a style that you can easily wear and carry a sleeping baby into the house from the car while still looking like you have it all together.  My current favorite backpack diaper bag from Coco & Kiwi that allows me to do all the above- and what's funny, I still take this bag out when I don't have my children because I love the style so much!  Through the link above you'll get a popup to save 20% off your first bag too!


THE ORBIT HYBRID JOGGING STROLLER: Mom truth: I haven't worked out in a gym since I had my first child.  How I DO work out is with my hybrid jogging stroller from Orbit Baby- this is a high performance stroller with a 360 rotating child seat (meaning child can face you, the road ahead, or the talking toddler walking on the side of them!).  It could very well be the best stroller ever invented, and HUGE points for convenience.  It grows with your child as well, so you just have to purchase a bigger seat when your infant grows up and continue to use the base.  The ride is SUPER smooth with the built-in shock absorbing springs, so baby can easily take a quick nap while you work out- genius.  My older son Jack loves to ride the skateboard attachment (available on the G3 base), how creative is that?  Hashtag Cool Mom.


LUCY DARLING BABY BOOK:  THIS is my go-to gift for new & expecting Moms, and for myself! Lucy Darling is probably the cutest baby book you will ever come across, and with a $35 price tag you can't go wrong.  I have one for both of my children, and we love to pull it out at every birthday and look at the pictures together!  I also use this baby book to record each child's schedule & how many hours my children slept at night and napped, so I can look back when we have another child and I then know what to expect!



4MOMS SPOUT COVER: My Mom still laughs about the first time we gave my son a bath and used a major thermometer for the water!  This cushy spout cover fits easily over the bath faucet to protect from bumps and bruises, and has a built-in thermometer so you know if the water is getting too hot!  Pure genius.  Having bath time as a part of your bedtime routine can help children understand the difference between going to sleep for nighttime (vs. naps).

THE BABY BUNDLE PACKAGE from Baby Cubby:  This is one of the best deals, if not the most convenient EVER for new Moms, or Moms expecting a little one soon.  This bundle comes with a modern Babyletto Hudson crib (that converts to a toddler bed!), matching Hudson baby changing table/dresser (another score), the Owlet Baby Monitor (track their heartbeats from your phone!) & $100 gift card towards the entire website.  Trust me, you'll spend it! 

THE LITTLE UNICORN SECURITY BLANKET/LOVEY (below):  Over one year of age, security blankets can give children a huge sense of security while sleeping independently at night, as well as during naps.  Loveys as they are sometimes called, can also help battle separation anxiety, which can reduce night wakings!  We own about 10 of these Little Unicorn ones, which feature a breathable fabric, adorable prints, and satin edges for tiny fingers to caress (or in Elle's case, CHEW.)


I hope we have given you TONS of ideas for that upcoming baby shower, or upcoming baby!  Sleep tight friends!