"Get as much sleep as you can before the baby comes!" is easier said than done.....

— Sleep & the City can help you get restorative sleep while pregnant so you can too can sleep through the night.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Add-Ons for this Package:

  • Two week follow up support via 4 phone calls/unlimited email: $50
  • One month follow up support via 8 phone calls/unlimited email: $150
  •  In-home visit $100
  •  Organic Nursery Review & Product Selection $50

 Maternity Consultations  $150

For pregnant women and new Mommies.  This over-the-phone & email package and add-ons help you prepare your body and mind for the restorative sleep it needs before you meet your little one.  This package is also perfect for new Mommies (and Dads too!) reset their biological clocks after all those sleepless nights and early wakeup times with a newborn in the house.   Here at SATC, we use CBT (Cognative Behavioral Training) to train your body how to sleep at the right times and for the right lengths.  This package includes a 2-hour phone call where we will:

o    Review your client history form in detail and get to know one another!

o    Go over your Eat & Sleep diary from the past week (provided)

o    Review your current sleep enivornment

o    Multiple tips on proven products and sleep extending tricks for insomnia

o    Discuss alternative bedtime routines to prep your body, baby & brain for sleep

o    By the end of our consultation, you will be prepared with the knowledge and tools for a successful night's rest that you can use for YEARS to come!

o    Maintenance package (4 phone calls/emails) over one year included at additional cost

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Micro Packages

Troubleshoot with Me: $100

For clients interested in one area of assistance regarding pregancy sleep (eco-friendly advice, product selection, nutrition ideas, etc) .  This package is available as a 30-minute phone call or by email- you will only be charged for the descriptive answer we give you.

 Maintenance Package: $100

Available to all clients after services rendered that includes FOUR follow up emails over the course of one-year at their choosing.

Hourly Rate $75

If needed in addendum to any packages above.