You've tried everything, but nothing works!  Without the right tools, no sleep program in the world will help your baby, toddler or older child to sleep better.  Increasing naps lengths or helping a baby to sleep all night isn't easy, but completely possible with these sleep-inducting items:


Daniel Sharma

A GOOD SWADDLE (0-6 Mos): For newborns, this swaddle from Ollie is the easiest & only swaddle you'll ever need.  Extremely soft, extremely easy to swaddle baby quickly. Swaddling has been known to extend naps & nighttime sleep!  For older children, this swaddle can be used with arms out just underneath the arms themselves.

Janice Long

A SAFE SLEEPING AREA: We love the Dock-a-Tot!  Available in sizes 0-36 months, this is an excellent way to help children feel safe, secure, and transition into a toddler bed!  Also great for travel!  Click here to purchase your DockaTot, winner of The Bump's "Must Haves" for your baby!

white noise.jpg

Jeremy Torres

WHITE NOISE: A good white noise machine can block out unwanted disturbances such as a dog barking or garage truck.  Our favorite one found here is top rated among Mothers, easy to travel with, and doubles as an "Ok to Wake" clock & nightlight.  This white noise can assist in helping your child to fall asleep and stay asleep. 


Catherine Aiko

BLACK OUTS: Most children sleep the best in complete darkness, and that can be hard to achieve (especially for naps) with curtains or blinds.  We recommend this cost-effective black out window cover that easily comes on & off and keeps the room cool and dark, even on the brightest mornings.


Gary Eckart

SECURITY BLANKET/LOVEY:  We recommend a small, breathable item such as these adorable loveys from Little Unicorn to help build your child's confidence while simultaneously combating any separation anxiety when learning to sleep independently.